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Yelena Toh

Personal Empowerment Guide


‘Space for You™’ – is your time and space to have a conversation about any situation, scenario or relationship in your life - present, past and future.


During our conversation I offer you my most precious, heart-felt and experientially birthed and embodied gift of unconditional positive regard or unconditional love.


This state of being, once activated and nourished, keeps on expanding and growing exponentially, creating a healing and transformative space and experience for you at all levels of your being – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.  It is like attunement to love unconditional and universal.  


In fact we have all been attuned by our parents to their specific needs, demands, fears, anxieties and expectations when we were growing up. I am yet to meet a living person who had truly loving parents who themselves understood and embodied love unconditional.


I am blessed to have been enjoying the presence of unconditional love in my life for more than eleven years now.  During this time, I came to understand and embody this state of unconditional love through my own direct experience.  And I now know that in order to heal and transcend our human pain and to know our own truth clearly we must have this experience in our life over a period of time, until it is understood, explored enough and embodied within a context of a loving relationship.


So I feel truly called to offer this priceless gift in the world.  It is not based on any need nor agenda.  I simply feel that my cup is full and overflowing and I am ready to share it with you.

Let us have a conversation and see where it will go.


I will be honoured to assist you.




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