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Yelena Toh

Personal Empowerment Guide


Having a conversation is a journey in itself.  It is a journey into, through and with your consciousness and your perceptional awareness of you and your life or you within your life.  Having a conversation with a friend has exponential benefits for your well being in all areas of your life.  It reduces stress, offers support and enhances you physical, mental and emotional balance.


Having a side-by-side conversation unlocks your inner clarity, as this type of conversation is not based in judgment.  Side-by-side is unbiased and nurturing.  Nurturing for your mind and spirit and supporting for your body.


In my different journeys including work, study, personal life, finances, career, family, friendships, health, marriage, being a parent, etc.; I came to notice that it all boils down to how I feel about myself in relation to all the multitude of different relationships, people, situations and behaviors; how I experience it all; what I learn and know about myself and who I am in the midst of it all.


We as humanity are just coming to terms with accepting that everyone has their unique inner world, that we all are relational beings, that we all have our inner life, our values, beliefs, perceptions, rules and regulations that nobody seemingly tells us about but our lives are run by them.  We just begin to learn about what is real for us individually and most importantly what works and what does not work.


Development in science, different branches of psychology, medicine and medical psychiatry just starting to recognise 'mental health' as an important part of the overall well-being.  We are discovering that our 'emotional IQ' is as important as the mental IQ and that it plays a big role in our life and how we experience it.  We are collectively and individually learning about who we are, what we are capable of.  We are discovering that we are much more complex and multifaceted beings than we have perceived humanity to be for generations.  We are exploring the meaning of life like it was never looked at before.  We look back at our planet from the cameras on space stations.  And what we see is beautiful!


A beautiful planet, with the population of human race still fighting and killing each other not only physically but also emotionally.  And in the midst of all this drama we are beginning to learn to understand and to love each other through the layers and layers of fear, anxiety, lack, greed and survival.  Learning to love is not yet freely encouraged as love is misunderstood as a concept and as a reality.


Why?  Because humanity has been perceptionally surviving, in fear and in anxiety and in lack for millennia. This perceptional survival manifested physical realities on our planet.  Individuals are not taught how to individuate, how to self realize and actualize; how to think for themselves and how to love; because the grip of the perceptional fear consciousness is passed on from one generation to the next; because our parents and their parents and many generations before them did not have the tools of awareness and clarity without the layer of perceptional fear.  


Side-by-side is my own unique starting point of relating with everything and everyone.  It is an entry point into the understanding and experience of life without fear. It is a state of being, an inner awareness, freedom and clarity.  Side-by-side means going beyond opinions and judgments that we were taught into the simplicity of openness and clarity about what is.  This allows me to experience everyone and everything in their own unique state of being - be it a person, a business, a modality, work situation, family dynamic or a political system, or a medical situation, etc..


Side-by-side conversation offers spaciousness of neutrality and vibrationally localized opportunity to be understood, supported and honoured.  It empowers you to walk through all scenarios in life with increasing calm, ease and grace.  It is time and space for You.