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Yelena Toh

Personal Empowerment Guide


It is your time; it is your space!


Let us have a conversation and see where it will take us!



‘Space for You™’ – is your time and space to have a conversation about any situation, scenario or relationship in your life, present, past or future.  It is an opportunity and an invitation to open up your awareness of a bigger picture and a wider context for your understanding and clarity.


Sometimes it helps to talk with a friend.  There is no agenda; there is no judgment, just simply a conversation.


I offer you my experience and insight from a neutral space.  I share with you tools that empower you to see clearly and to know your own highest and best good.  I show you how to master and enhance your skills and ability to relate with everything and everyone.


I invite you to become more of Your Self and to follow your own guidance.  I show you how to connect with your own inner teacher and guide.


How?  I have been there and I have done it for myself, I now show you how you can do it too.  You can be in a different state of being, what I call expanded state, in your moment-to-moment life experiences, in all of your everyday situations, with all the people in your life.


I am and so are You.


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