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Yelena Toh

Personal Empowerment Guide


Vibrational Conversation™ has been emerging organically in the last eleven years of exploring, practicing and embodying unconditional love side by side with my beloved husband.  This is now manifesting into what I call positive unconditional regard experience (PURE™ modality)  that I am called to share in the world.


I have been studying and practicing vibrational modalities of Reiki and Quantum Touch, and many other teachings on the subjects of physical health, mental well-being, emotional clarity and different states of being and experiencing life.


Over time, I have developed my own method that I called 'vibrational conversation'™.  It evolved organically as I was applying different modalities to myself and my own life, and later working with clients.


With clients, I noticed that I best assist when I am having a conversation with them from my vibrationally neutral and expanded state.


It appears that a neutrally ‘vibrational conversation’™ can be very gentle and powerful at the same time.   It assists with balancing of the mind and body and creates a sense and a state of comfort and well-being.  Not only it assists the mind-body balance, but it also gently activates your own unique tones and vibrations.


Being in a neutrally vibrational space and presence of another allows your own vibratory levels to organise themselves and stabilize as there is no vibrational, mental and emotional interference from the facilitator/guide.


Have you noticed that when you go for a coffee with a friend and want to discuss something with a family member or clarify a situation with a colleague or ask for advice, these encounters usually go in one of two ways?


With some people you feel seen, heard, understood and supported.  After such encounters you feel energized, uplifted and alive.  With others, you feel the opposite to the above and after the event you feel drained or tired, or you notice that it was a kind of going through motions and not getting anywhere, it feels superficial.


The difference is the disconnected state of being of the person you talk to, their own emotionally charged and polarized state, that interferes with your state.


The ‘vibrational conversation’™ is different to the above as it offers an expanded and open space for you, where the facilitator is in an integrated state of neutrality and can truly be by your side.  


Clients report feeling lighter, being more present and aware of what to do, how and when during and after their sessions.  This is possible because during these conversations you are connecting with your true or higher vibrational Self, rather than navigating mental-emotional confusion and entanglment with another.


Over time your unique vibrational field consolidates and stabilizes. It then begins to amplify and expand into higher frequency tones and vibrations.  This leads you to feeling calmer about your Self, and being more comfortable in your body and in all of your life.  It accelerates your clarity about your mind and emotions, simplifying and releasing emotional buildup - this eventually begins to unlock and remove physical symptoms.


This experience is priceless.  It opens up opportunities for you to come into your own clarity and vibrational attunement into clear understanding of your Self and the flow of your life.


This assists you to be more available and accessible, as you are opening up to explore more opportunities in your life without perceptional fears, worries and any kind of emotional conditioning.